Saving you some money when using the link below

SmugMug is fairly well-priced, at least when compared to its competitors. The exact prices are:

Basic: $40 per year or $5 if billed monthly – you save $8 using the link below.
Power: $60 per year or $8 if billed monthly – you save $12 using the link below.
Portfolio: $150 per year or $20 if billed monthly – you save $30 using the link below.
Business: $300 per year or $30 if billed monthly – you save $60 using the link below.

I have the business package, so you get customized price lists, branded shipping, add your logo to the shopping card (so you can almost fully brand the site to you) and some other perks, like personal delivery if you want to deliver a signed by you print. Most of the time the Portfolio Package be more than adequate even for wedding photographers.

The Three Best Things About SmugMug

Its simplicity, the sharpest and clearest pictures on the web even for high 4K monitors, unlimited uploads and a backup of a backup of your precious photos if you know what I mean (yes SmugMug stores your photo’s just the way you uploaded them, high res jpeg).

Customer Service

Smugmug is very well-known for its help desk and customer service, they call their customer service team “Support Heroes”. The customer service team is great, no problem to ask anything that is not clear, within minutes you’ll get an response through their 24/7 e-mail help desk. They have been extremely helpful, If you run into a problem creating something in SmugMug, the support heroes will know how to get it done and makes life easier. They have the personnel to properly service their customers and their customer support is one of the best of any company I deal with.

Responsive Design scales to any device

As per Google 2016 was the first year that over 50% of all website views happened on mobile devices so a responsive or mobile scalable site is a big must. People will most likely discover your photos first on their phone or tablets. Responsiveness is one area that SmugMug has done extremely well, SmugMug has nailed mobile viewing and not just on an iPad. SmugMug does a very impressive job of creating a mobile website out of your desktop layout and not just the home page, all pages will look great, I think it is so good because it tries to keep the look of your desktop website as much as possible.

Haha, 240 by 320 is someone still using a phone like that…, its just to show how well SmugMug scales down your site.

Design and customization

SmugMug has vastly better customization than others, including HTML and CSS implementation but with 70 beautiful themes to choose from, 99% of us will have no need to start coding for the look they want. Using SmugMug is simple: it offers a tremendous range of customization options without coding. SmugMug also has theme templates, but they can be changed to the point that they no longer resemble their original at all. The main method of customizing a SmugMug site is to use content blocks to arrange your material. These blocks can be found by clicking →Customize→Content and Design← in the main editing window. Here, you can add almost anything to a page on your website, from social icons, galleries, pages to a text box. One can drag and drop the content blocks almost any place you want.

HDC smugmug customize

Making money by selling prints with SmugMug

You get to choose which lab to sell from, I prefer the Bay Photo lab as they have more options like panoramic prints compared to EZ prints.

SmugMug gets 15% of the profits from every sale you make. This is a bit more than Zenfolio at 10% to 12% for different products but SmugMug takes the 15% out of your profit only, not the gross sale price.

Giving SmugMug a Try

One could write easily 50 pages about SmugMug but the best thing is to give them a try using the 14 day free trial, you do not need a credit card to try it, so that eliminates the hassle cancelling it like with some other companies. If you do not like it, simply stop using it no problem.

Watch the video below for a quick start, get going in xx minutes with the basic site I use, includes branding logo a favicon, SEO and how to set up an unlisted download link to use for your original when selling licenses.

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